Winner Jury’s special price in Blue Danube Opera Contest

Sander Teepen participated at the international Blue Danobe Opera Contest in the Bulgarian State Opera Ruse, 5 – 20 September 2013.


Opera Directors and other special guests at the Blue Danube International Conducting Competition 2013:

Maestro Peter Leonard, Volkstheater Rostock / North German Philharmonic
Professor Eva Blahova, National Opera Theater Brno / Janacek Opera, Czech Republic
Maestro Dario Vucic, Sarajevo National Opera Theater Bosnia-Herzegovina
Maestro Grigor Palikarov, Pazardjik Philharmonic/Bulgarian National Opera Sofia
Alexander Tekeliev, Bulgarian State Opera Bourgas
Jiri Nekvasil, National Moravian-Silesian Theater in Ostrava, Czech Republic
Kaludi Kaludov, tenor

There are many conducting competitions that test a conductor’s ability to conduct a chamber, mid-sized or large symphony orchestra. However, opera conducting is another world. The opera conductor must be agile with text and language as well as the baton. Moreover, he/she should be comfortable and authoritative in working with cast, choir, and the other artists connected with the stage.

Our opera conducting competitons test a conductor’s skills in all these areas. The entire competition utilizes the full forces of a professional opera company, from the first round onward! Conductors receive an unusually generous amount of conducting time in order to thoroughly demonstrate their capabilities before the jury.

The Blue Danube Opera Conducting Competition is biennial, that is, it will take place at intervals of two years — 2013, 2015, 2017, etc.

The jury rewarded Sander the jury price of this well known event.

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