“Opera House Ostrava event of the year” with first conductor Sander Teepen

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Sander Teepen started summer 2015 as first conductor at the Opera house in Ostrava. He prepared with the cast the opera Roberto Devereux – Gaetano Donizetti! It was a very interesting time to study this opera with all artists from summer until the premier 10.12.2015 and an honor to work with this cast and all singers of the main roles Seyoung Park (Elizabeth), German soprano Korean origin and Slovenian mezzo-soprano Jadranka Juras (Sarah), together with Jana Šrejma Kačírková – Elizabeth, Queen of England, Martin Barta / David Szendiuch – The Duke of Nottingham, Michael Cabbage – Sara, Duchess of Nottingham, Filipe Do / Luciano Mastro – Roberto Devereux,”

Premiéra opery Roberto Devereux v Ostravě: Pulzující drama v brilantním ztvárnění

The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava played last Thursday’s premiere of the opera Roberto Devereux Gaetano Italian composer Donizetti. The role of Queen Elizabeth was presented by Jana Šrejma Kačírková, the Duke of Nottingham, played by Martin Barta, his wife Sarah Michael Cabbage. Roberto Devereux came in bringing Vietnamese tenor Philippe Do, directed by head of drama NDM Peter Gabor and musical arrangement prepared Sander Teepen. “It was very successful and it can be unhesitatingly described as the Ostrava opera event of the year”.

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